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Indigo and Alabaster is a cherished dream of my heart to connect and communicate my love of Interior Design with others who share my passion.

Several years ago, I was feeling very strongly that I wanted to go back to work. Not immediately, but soon. I had absolutely loved being a stay-at-home-mom for over 10 years, but was feeling the pull of doing more with my time. I knew that if I was going to do this, I wanted to decide what I was going to do instead of just taking the jobs that came my way, like I previously had done. During those stay-at-home years I had started my own design business, mainly to help a few friends and family that had asked for my help. I loved working with the clients that I got by word-of-mouth, which wasn’t very many, but still fulfilling and enjoyable. I also held design workshops in my home to teach others about principles of design. I really loved this aspect of what I was trying to do, but I began to see that I wanted to continue my schooling if I was to pursue it further. I wasn’t convinced that I did, I feared that focusing on something that had been more of a hobby and turning it into a vocation would cause me to begin to hate, or at the very least not enjoy, Interior Design. I didn’t want that to happen since this was such an important part of my life. For over a year I agonized over whether or not I should study Interior Design and make it a full-time career. But, by praying for guidance and seeking out advice by those close to me, both in the design business and out, I determined I would go back to school and get an Interior Design degree. From the first moment that I stepped through the doors of the college, I knew I was right where I belonged and had an amazing time that was both exhilarating and terrifying, it is no small thing to return to school as a “mature” student!

This career is a dream come true!  I have been able to work both on commercial and residential projects and I love my ability to help people find joy and beauty in their workplace, home, and life. I consider it a great privilege to be invited into my client’s most intimate spaces and use my talents and skills to help them improve their way of life. I love assisting them to create the vision of their space and to help them express themselves in a way that they can’t because of demand on their time, money or abilities. It is important that all my clients be involved in the creation of their space, to have it reflect their authenticity throughout. It is my greatest compliment when their friends step into the newly renovated space, and declare, “This is SO you”.

I started this blog to go back to one of my favorite aspects during the stay-at-home phase of this design career: teaching workshops. I love to share my knowledge with those who would like to know more and connect with those who have an affinity for all things beautiful. I hope that you will come back and we can bond through a mutual love of design and creating a well-lived life.

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  • Sydney

    I love your authenticity! Excited to follow your journey!!

  • Jean Powers

    From the day you asked (at the age of 5 years old) “Can I please, please have RED carpet” in my room?”, we suspected we were raising a decorating diva! It hasn’t been an easy thing for you to realize your dream and have the courage and grit to go after it. So many people have been blessed by your ability to help them learn how to bring individuality, functionality, and pizzazz into their homes and work places…AND on a budget! It’s inspiring to see you push through to the next level.

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