Changing It Up

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I believe that most people think that in my line of work, I am focused on creating a finished space for my clients. These clients pay me to take a space that doesn’t work for them and design a new one. We settle on the design, contact people to create the vision, spend the money to add the furnishings and finishes. I come in and make sure that everything is done to the standards set, then the client gets to live in a space that doesn’t need changing or tweaking for many years.

Does that sound like the ideal life?  Perhaps it does to you, and sometimes I do have those opportunities, but for me and most of my clients, we don’t live in a static home, we enjoy changing our surroundings more often. I think that our homes are much like our lives, they are changeable and fluid from day-to-day, year-to-year and should reflect who we are as we transform into our better selves. Not to mention that we could quickly bankrupt ourselves if we felt the demand to redesign entire rooms every time I felt the need to update my surroundings!

I have heard that every seven years our style changes. I would guess that is an estimated average. I know my style changes a LOT faster than every seven years and I know people who are content with their style looking the same that it did decades ago, but whatever your preference for change, altering entire rooms or homes can sometimes work out for the best. But often making incremental modifications to a space can provide the satisfaction and desire for new surroundings, in a more thoughtful and practical way. And because they are smaller projects, more attention can be paid to important details.

Even moving accessories around, putting some away in storage and bringing others out of storage or just moving them to another room can provide the joy and satisfaction desired to update a home.  I like to encourage others around me that they shouldn’t think of decorating their home in terms of a linear process with a start and a finish, rather it is more like a progression from one step to the next enjoying a journey that (hopefully) never ends.

I love the energy and vision I get in the Springtime, it motivates me to change up the spaces both inside and outside of my home. Right now, I am in the middle of redesigning our Master Bedroom, we are in desperate need of new flooring, so why not change the whole thing? Also, we have a fabulous extension to our back patio that we began last summer, but never finished, so we are working on completing that in the near future.  When is your favorite time of year for home projects?

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